Late to the Game – Chrono Trigger Part 1

Look at this easily accessible LINK!!!

Oh man, do you guys remember that time when we posted our first let’s play video about 14 hours ago on YouTube and completely forgot to make a corresponding post on our website?  Yeah, we didn’t remember either and are totally not posting this late in some sort of attempt to make up for dropping the ball.  Anyway, we are jumping into the let’s play arena as having a video game podcast where we actually play video games makes much more sense than the nonsense we’ve been trying to pull off for the past two years.  If you came looking for an audio podcast this week, you’ve come to the wrong place; go use your eyes AND ears and pop on over to our YouTube channel for some sweet, sweet Chrono Trigger action.

We figured this would be a good place to start as Rian has played the crap out of this game, and Dirk has never played it.  Seriously, he has NEVER played Chrono and it has been around for 20 years!  Let that sink in for a minute.  With that being said, we’re playing the Playstation 1 version that comes bundled with Final Fantasy IV in Final Fantasy Chronicles because that was only $20 and there is no way that we’re dropping $100 on the Super Nintendo version.  Aside from the load times, it seems to be working out pretty well.  Since the video has been up for a little bit, we’ve already gotten some feedback, so we know that it’s a little long, but just look at is as more time that you can spend with us.  If you’re done reading this, follow the link below and join us on our first adventure into the land of Chrono!!

Intro by this guy:

“lzzetteplayerone” Ivan Burgan

Outro by this guy:

“Ouroboros” Kevin MacLeod (
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